Advent Devotionals

Advent Devotionals Day 22: Jesus Resists Temptation

Have you ever found yourself unable to resist something? Imagine a holiday sale that you cannot pass up yet you know it is not in the budget. Maybe it is your favorite dessert but you’re on a diet. Perhaps there is an easy way out of a situation by telling a little white lie. Temptation comes in all sizes luring us in by our desires. Temptation has one goal, to throw us off course to provide temporary comfort or satisfaction outside of Jesus. In Luke Chapter 4 Jesus was tempted by Satan for forty days with everything that would trip up even the best of people. However, despite hunger, thirst, and discomfort, he did not give in to temptation. How did he do it? It says in verse 1 that He was full of the Spirit and led by the Spirit. With the power of the Holy Spirit, we can resist temptation and be successful. Every time Jesus was tempted he would repeat, “The scriptures say.” It is important to read our Bibles and resist the devil through using scripture. Read it and meditate on it and you will see the temptation's power diminish.

So when you feel like you are the only one tempted, remember that Jesus was tempted and he can empathize with your temptation. He knows what it is like to be in your shoes. He will offer you a way out and has given you the Holy Spirit and the scripture to overcome temptation


Heavenly Father we thank you for your son Jesus and how he lived a perfect life for us to follow. We ask for the strength and courage to resist temptation and follow a life pleasing to you. May you draw us near as we turn to you rather than temporary pleasures. This Christmas Season may we resist temptation and stay focused on you and the miracle of your birth and share the Good news of Jesus Christ.

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