Advent Devotionals

Advent Day Six: The Journey to Bethlehem and Jesus' Birth 

Read Luke 2:1-7. 

In Luke 2: 1-7 we step into the very heart of Christmas—the moment when baby Jesus was born! Imagine the excitement in Bethlehem as Mary and Joseph arrived, ready to welcome baby Jesus. But, surprise! The town was full, and they ended up in a stable.

Yet, in that simple place, something incredible happened...Jesus, the Savior, was born! This Advent, let's feel the joy of that day. In our own journeys, we may face unexpected twists, But just like that starry night in Bethlehem, there's pure joy in knowing that Jesus, the greatest gift, came into our world. As we prepare for Christmas, let's embrace the excitement of Jesus' birth, a tiny baby with a immense impact that all the world would see.

Prayer: Jesus, as I reflect on your birth, I'm filled with joy, awe and gratitude. Thank you Jesus for the joy that can only be found in you! Like the shepherds who marveled at the sight of our newborn Savior, help me to be filled with that same wonder and adoration. 

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