Advent Devotionals

Advent Devotional Day 10: Escape to Egypt to Avoid Harod

In your quiet time, read Matthew 2:13-15

In Matthew 2:13-15,  Joseph is responding to guidance after Jesus' birth. After the wise men's visit, an angel directs Joseph to take Mary and the baby to Egypt to escape King Herod. Joseph, straightforward and obedient doesn't hesitate but takes immediate action to protect his family.

As we reflect on this part of scripture during Advent, let's focus on Joseph's straightforward obedience. In our lives, we may encounter situations that require clear responses. Joseph's example encourages us to trust God's guidance and act with a simple, unwavering obedience.

This Christmas season, may we, like Joseph, walk through challenges with a straightforward faith, trusting that God's guidance leads us to places of safety and fulfillment of His purpose in our lives. Amen. 

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