Advent Devotionals

Advent Devotionals Day 9: The Visit of the Magi and the Star

Read Matthew 2:1-2

In Matthew 2:1-12, we meet wise men who saw a special star and followed it, searching for the newborn King. These wise men traveled a long way to find Jesus, carrying gifts fit for a king when they arrived.

This Advent, let's think about the wise men. They teach us that seeking Jesus is a journey worth taking. Just like them, we can look for signs of God's presence in our lives—a kind word, a moment of peace, or the joy of helping others. As we prepare for Christmas, let's be wise seekers, following the light that leads us closer to Jesus. And when we find Him, may our hearts, like those of the wise men, be filled with joy and gratitude, ready to offer our own gifts of love and worship.

Prayer: Jesus thank you that following you is a journey worth taking. Help me to seek you with awe and wonder. Amen. 

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