What is Vinyard?

Biblical Foundation

  • We prioritize the teachings of Jesus and base all actions on the clear Scriptures.

Balance of Realities 

  • Embracing both miracles and challenges, we live in the "already and the not yet" of God's kingdom.

Holy Spirit Embrace 

  • Come, Holy Spirit" is our central prayer. We seek continuous filling and invite the Holy Spirit in all gatherings.

Inclusive Participation  

  • All are empowered for Kingdom work—men, women, children, from diverse backgrounds—eliminating hierarchies.

Natural Supernatural

  • Avoiding hype, we naturally pray for healing and seek God's voice in all situations.

Compassion for All 

  • Like Jesus, we prioritize the lost, poor, and outcast—extending compassion to those in need.

Generational Adaptation 

  • We welcome change, ensuring our distinct identity evolves with fresh expressions of the Church.

At the heart of the Vineyard movement's evolution over four decades lies a set of defining characteristics that shape our identity within the larger Body of Christ. Grounded in Scripture, we uphold the 'main and the plain' teachings of Jesus as our guiding principle. Our dynamic perspective acknowledges both the 'already and the not yet' of God's kingdom, embracing miracles and challenges alike. The central refrain of 'Come, Holy Spirit' resounds through our gatherings, reflecting our constant pursuit of divine presence. Inclusive and egalitarian, we empower everyone to engage in Kingdom work regardless of background or status. Operating in authenticity, we blend the supernatural seamlessly into the everyday, fostering healing and discerning God's voice. Inspired by Christ's compassion, we extend love to the marginalized. We remain forward-looking, adapting our distinctive ethos to each generation's unique expression of the Church. This is the Vineyard—a movement rooted in timeless truth, open to the winds of change.