Advent Devotionals

Return From Egypt And Settling In Nazareth

In your quiet time, read Matthew 2:19-23.

I love the bridge of Way Maker:
“Even when I don’t see it You’re working, even when I don’t feel it You’re working”

Every time I sing this song I’m reminded that God is not only more that I can imagine or conceive, but He sees, hears, moves, and does things I can’t believe! As we read in Matthew 2 19:23, we see that even though Mary and Joseph are in hiding and worried for their safety, the Lord is with them, guiding their path, and leading them to Nazareth, that in turn fulfilled yet another prophecy from the Old Testament about the coming Messiah.

Wether you are going through a rough season, or you feel like everything is going your way, the Lord is moving in the background of your situations and circumstances. This Christmas, trust that the same God that delivered Jesus, Mary, and Joseph home safe, is the same God that holds you, your family, and your future. He is always with you and He loves you more than you could ever know.

Prayer: God, help me see how You are moving in my current season of life. Help me see that I can trust you even when it’s hard, and that You are making all things happen for my good and for Your glory, amen.

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