Advent Devotionals

Advent Devotional 18: Jesus begins His public Ministry
in your quiet time, read Matthew 4:12-17. 

In Matthew 4:12-17, Jesus begins His public ministry. He moves to Galilee and begins spreading the message of God's love and the arrival of the kingdom of heaven. This Advent, we reflect on the meaning of Jesus starting His ministry – it signifies hope, and a light piercing through the darkness. Just as Jesus called the people to repent and turn towards God, this season reminds  us to examine our hearts, seeking to be transformed by the love that Christ brings.

As we journey through Advent, let us embrace the essence of Jesus' ministry – a call to repentance, a turning away from the old and a stepping into the new life offered by God. In the midst of our preparations for Christmas, may we open our hearts to the transformative power of Christ's message. His ministry in Galilee marks the beginning of an amazing journey, a journey that leads us toward the kingdom of heaven.

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