Advent Devotionals

Baptism Of Jesus By John-Luke 3:21-22

In your quiet time, read Luke 3:21-22

Jesus never asks us to do something He didn’t do. As we set aside baptism as a crucial step toward publicly declaring your faith in Christ, Jesus also did this to show both the importance of baptism, as well as to show John and future generations of believers that He was the Messiah. With this confirmation in place, John’s mission to prepare the way for the Coming Lord was complete.

This also marked the beginning of Jesus’ earthly ministry. You see, you can pray quietly, serve humbly, and walk daily with the Lord, but one day You may need to profess in front of loved ones, enemies, colleagues, etc. that Your life belongs to God. Jesus shows us the crucial step baptism is, not as a means of salvation, but a celebration and proclamation of unity with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Maybe you’ve never been baptized, and if so, we strongly encourage you to take that bold step from quietly living faith, to living your faith out loud.

Prayer: God, help me to see the beauty of publicly living my faith out to you. May you take away any fear or concern of what others will think of me, knowing that what you think of me and how you love me are more important than anything else in this life. Amen

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