Advent Devotionals

Advent Day Two: The Announcement of John the Baptist's Birth

Read Luke 1:5-25

In the heart of the Christmas story, we are reminded of Zechariah and Elizabeth, a couple longing for a child. In Luke 1:5-25, an angel tells them that they will have a son named John in their old age and John would prepare the way for the Messiah. This story reminds us that even in the ordinary waiting rooms of our lives, God's surprises and promises can bring unexpected joy.

As we walk through Advent, open your hearts to the unexpected ways God might be at work.  Just as God brought forth new life in the waiting room of Zechariah and Elizabeth, we trust that His promises will unfold in our lives, bringing hope and joy even in the season of waiting.

Prayer: Thank you Jesus for the hope and joy that you bring. Help me to be content in waiting seasons. Help me to lean on you in all things. And thank you that I can have hope for a winning season full of joy. Amen. 

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