Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

We are a church committed to reach the unreached locally and globally! A fundamental component of Canyon View Vineyard Church is our contributions to missions. 

Active Missionaries

In October 2018 a new church planting effort was started in Myanmar. Through the partnership with Petros Network and the Outpour Movement, we began with training and sending 29 indigenous pastors into unreached villages throughout Myanmar. Our goal is to plant 1,000 churches in Myanmar in the next 10 years.
Back in 2012, Canyon View Vineyard Church joined forces with Petros Network to form the South Sudan Initiative, a collaborative effort to train pastors and plant churches in the war torn country of South Sudan. In March of 2013, Senior Pastor Kirk Yamaguchi and Pastor Nate Ralston traveled to South Sudan with other vineyard pastors to help train 26 local pastors and commission them to travel to unreached villages and plant churches.
The South Sudan Initiative became one of the most impactful ministries of Canyon View Vineyard Church. Even though the borders of South Sudan are closed now, we will continue our partnership with Petros Network to plant even more churches in other areas of the world and will continue to pray for the revival of South Sudan.

For more information about Petros Network or to contribute so that more pastors and church planters can be sponsored, please visit Petros Network's website.

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We will update this section as we continue Mission Trips in 2024! 

Encourage our active missionaries

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