Life groups

Life Groups are our primary vehicle for discipleship. Being in a life group will provide you with the opportunity to move into discipleship relationships and to experience a life that is more missional, week in and week out.
This discipleship model is not a classroom/pew-sitting style of learning, but a relationship-based model where people are raised up "alongside".  These are people who come alongside others and focus 1x1 with other Life members so they can be a 'world changer'; dealing with one's obstacles to grow in life. The goal is to help people move into God's purposes for their lives.
Our Life Groups are growing in number at Canyon View. Hosted in homes, coffee shops, and even at the church, there are many groups for you to explore as you search for the one that’s right for you. Life Groups are your next step for spiritual growth and development.

Weekend Life Groups

CV Canopy Church Life Group OUTREACH 

Join us every Sunday at 12:30 PM at CV Canopy Church plant at Homeward Bound of the Grand Valley! Bring your Life Groups to serve the community & see the gospel spread throughout Grand Junction.

This is an opportunity to grow in leadership, ministry training & serving.

Sunday Brunch

Young Adults, join us for Sunday brunch after Sunday's 9am service! Hosted at a different location most weeks, so please stay in the loop with our Life Group Leaders! 

Sign up for a Life Group

Life Groups meet all over the Grand Valley!
We can help connect you to a group that will best fit you. It helps us to know what day or night works best for you if you have a special interest (ie. young adults, married couples, singles, etc.), and if you have been invited by anyone. 

Life Group leaders

If you are leading a Life Group, you are a very valuable piece of the CVVC puzzle and are helping implement the vision that God has given to Pastors Kirk & Cory for our church! We want to support you in your leadership journey in any way that we can.

Leader Training will be held on a monthly basis through a meeting with your Servant 6 overseers and other leaders in your group. This training will center around a recorded video from Pastor Kirk teaching from the Life Group Leader Manual.  These videos will have discussion questions to talk about with your overseers and the other leaders in your group.

Below are recordings of the Life Group Training Sessions. Do you have any specific areas of struggle or specific questions you would like for us to address?