So you're here for the first time...

Step 1 - You're here!

After parking, head towards the main auditorium building and go through the glass doors. After saying hi to our greeters, you can grab a cup of coffee or tea in our Connections Coffee Shop, head in and find a seat in the auditorium, or if you have kids head towards the children's wing on the left side of the building. You'll come to the nursery section first for infants up to age 3. Or if your kids are 3 years old to 5th grade, continue down the hall to the Canyon View Kids wing and check them in there! Our students kindergarten through High School join their families in the main auditorium, and will be released to their respective classes after worship. Middle and high school students will go past the children's ministry and head outside to the youth building where they will be guided to their environments. On Sunday's we offer our middle school service environment and our High School Open Table environment. 


Step 2 - Engage

Our goal is to try and make our guests feel welcomed and at home during our services. If you prefer to keep you young babies or children with you during services, we offer cry rooms in the back of the auditorium you can utilize if you feel the need. You can still see and hear everything going on in the service. Our worship services usually last about 90 minutes and start with four contemporary worship songs, followed by some brief video updates and then into a 35 to 45 minute relevant and engaging sermon. Typically the sermon will end with an opportunity to apply what we learned in the message, or for our ministry team to pray for you personally. 


Step 3 - Take it home

If after service you have more questions, are interested in a class or event or just to meet some of our pastors, staff or volunteers, head out the auditorium doors into the main lobby. There you will find the Sign Up Desk, Info Desk and welcome center, as well as an opportunity to refill your coffee or tea! Typically our weekend series are accompanied by a study guide. They are free and can be picked up at the sign up desk. When you pick up your kiddos, don't forget to grab a Gospel Project hand out that can help you continue the conversation with your children of what they learned in their classes.