This is a collection of sermons given at Canyon View Church that are not a part of a series. 

This Week's Devotion & Questions

Throughout our childhood my siblings and I had dozens of friends over practically every week. Most of these kids called my father “Mr. Korkowski”. A select few called him “Dan”. But there were five or six kids, children who were around so often they had their own house keys, who had permission to call my father, “Dad”. Even though they weren’t related by blood. Even though there was no formal paperwork. Even though my father already had three kids of his own. They were treated exactly like my siblings and I. Loved the same, disciplined the same, had the same protection.

This is what happens when we buddy up with Jesus. Not everyone gets the right to call God “Daddy” but when we believe, when we give our lives to Jesus, we are gifted that right. God looks at us and sees us the same way He sees Jesus. As His children, His kiddos, with whom He is pleased.

1. Have you felt familial love, like that of a father with his child, outside of your family? Share.

2. Read John 1:12-13. What keeps you from receiving the love of God?

3. Where in your life are you defaulting back to working for and trying to earn God’s love?