Canyon View Challenge

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is a non-profit high and low ropes course here on the CVVC campus that provides innovative, adventure-based, learning environments. The course is designed to bring individuals together by learning skills such as cooperation, communication, and problem solving. Here at Canyon View Challenge we want to help you, as a participant, become aware of your physical, mental, social, and spiritual development.

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What is a Challenge Course?

A challenge course or “ropes course” was developed from a military training obstacle course. The course was laid out with poles, ropes, climbing walls and other structures to get over, under or through.

The goal of the civilian challenge course is more a thought provoking mental challenge rather than promoting physical endurance. Also, each element/obstacle is a metaphor that participants can use to help them gain skills and educational concepts effective for facing challenges in life.

Low Ropes Course

Groups of 8-15 participants progress through a series of platforms, logs, cables,and ropes. This is deemed a low ropes course because all of the elements of the course are no higher than 18” off the ground. This course does not need safety ropes of any kind so this course is great for any age group.


High Ropes Course

Individuals progress through a series of elements made up of logs and cables suspended at least 20 feel in the air. These elements require intense levels of balance, coordination, and concentration. This course is highly supervised and all participants are attached to a harness secured by one of our trained instructors.

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Canyon View Challenge has maintained an excellent safety record Safety is the foundation of our courses. Our instructors are trained to minimize the possibility of accidents to help you achieve a quality experience.


For more information or to book an event, contact Tenae Colman