We sing as a church every week. But why? What if we told you there’s a method to the madness? A purpose to the action? A reason to sing? In this series, we will be going through the Five Phases of the Heart as described through Vineyard teachings and how it is experienced through congregational singing. 


This Week's Devotion & Questions

“All Praise”

All praise, to the Father

All praise, to the Son

All praise, to the Holy Ghost

  Have you ever received a mixtape? A playlist? A burnt CD? A collection of songs from someone who was thinking of you for one reason or another and couldn’t put it into words themselves?

   When I was seventeen my girlfriend gave me a burnt CD with some of her favorite songs that really resonated with her in regards to our relationship. I would listen to each track over and over again until I felt I got every ounce of intentionality out of that CD. Songs that talked about love, working through hard times and fun summers moved me. It was unbelievable to me that someone would put in the effort to show me how much I meant to them.

  In the same way, we get to give God our mixtape during worship. Once we’ve gathered, declared who He is, what He has done and invited Him to partake in our gathering, we get to honor Him. We give Him our song, our affection and our devotion. God deserves our praise. Let us live in such a way where He is not surprised by our worship but is blessed by it because of our ever-growing, ever-strengthening relationship with Him.

1: Do you and your spouse or someone close to you have what you would say is “your song”? What memories or special meanings lay behind it?

2: Read John 12:1-3. When was the last time you felt you generously gave back to God in worship?

3: What was the biggest takeaway from our worship series, Phases? How will this influence your relationship with God?

Last Week's Devotion & Questions

“God The Invisible”

God The Invisible, make it visible

Your presence in my life

I have a dog who loves to bask in the sunshine. She dug herself a nice hole in the backyard where she rolls around to get a coating of dusty “sunscreen” on herself before lying on her back to soak in the rays. Once she’s done getting nice and toasty, she comes inside to rub her hot and dirty coat all over the furniture and her people. I reckon she wants to share that “Good Thing” she just experienced.

When we worship we should be like my dog. No, not dusty and hot, but basking in a Good Thing–God’s presence. As the lyrics of “God the Invisible” say, we should be asking to see God in our lives and our worship. Asking, just like Moses did in Exodus 33:18, to witness His Glory. Then we can head out and share that Good Thing with the world the way my dog shares her sunbathing happiness with me.

1: What are some worship lyrics that always seem to draw you nearer to God’s presence?

2: What has been your personal experience with worship and how has it evolved?

3: How did Jesus’ work on the cross change worship for us?

Music and lyrics for the new Kaleo songs used in the devotionals are now available on canyonviewchurch.com/worship.