We’re glad you’re here! If you’re new to Canyon View, we’ve made it easy for you to get more info about us. Now, we'd like to get to know you. Please click the link below and complete our "Tell Us About You" form below.


At Canyon View, our Connections Team assists people with getting connected to groups, activities, various volunteer opportunities, etc.  If you would like assistance with getting connected or would like to volunteer at Canyon View, please contact Kathie at 242.7970 Ext. 172.

Step #1

Get into a Cell Group and/or a Discipling relationship. For more info on how to do this and what it is, Send us an Email!



Gateway:  Step #2

Welcome to the family!  Meet with Pastor Kirk and other CVVC pastors to discover our church story, vision & values. For more information or questions, email John.

Click the "Gateway Sign Up" button below to register or you may sign up at the Groups Desk in the Lobby.