Join us as we take a closer look at Moses' journey to find practical steps we can apply to our own lives.


This Week's Devotion

“But Moses implored the Lord his God and said…” (Exodus 32:11)

Many years ago I was a backpacking guide with Young Life Wilderness Ranch. We were deep in the Weminuche Wilderness area at the base of Guardian Peak. It was a majestic setting. In the middle of the night I became gravely ill with a high fever, dizziness, nausea and weakness. Let me tell you it’s not fun to be sick in the middle of nowhere. Due to it being a wilderness area there were no roads for miles. I had no other option but to walk out with the group.

Fortunately we were leading a High School group from Texas. A couple of the guys were big football players. (And I mean big and strong). So they systematically divided up what I had in my backpack. This enabled me to walk without the burden of any extra weight. Normally it would have been humbling to give up the weight but I was so sick I didn't give a rip.

As we were about to crest a ridge and drop down into Starvation Gulch, dark clouds converged over us. All of a sudden lighting and thunder began to clap right over us. We had to get off that ridge fast. So all of a sudden two of the big football players grabbed me under each of my armpits. They then began to run down the ridge. As they carried me my feet were dangling in the air. (It was probably a pretty humorous sight). Thankfully it wasn't long before we were safely at the bottom of the valley as the lightning flashed overhead. I hugged those big ol' boys and thanked them for taking care of me.

This is an illustration of what intercession is. We stand in the gap for those in need. We help carry them through the trial or hardship by imploring the Lord through prayer on their behalf. We all need at least one or two others in our lives that can share the load with us. This is why we strongly advocate living in Christian community through involvement in a cell group and one on one discipleship. There’s no substitute for loving friends that will implore of the Lord on our behalf. Lord knows I need it every day!

In Exodus 32 God was fed up with the Hebrew people after their sin of making a golden calf to worship. So God decided to carry out his justice and nuke the whole lot. But Moses stepped in on their behalf and asked the Lord to have mercy on them. He even asked the Lord to take his name out of the book of life in place of them. He was standing in the gap on their behalf. Kind of sounds like Jesus, doesn't it? Romans 8:34 says: “Who is to condemn? Christ Jesus is the one who died—more than that, who was raised—who is at the right hand of God, who indeed is interceding for us.”

One of the blessings we have in life is to implore of the Lord on behalf of those the Holy Spirit brings to our hearts. Who is the Lord putting on your heart today? Take a few moments and pray for the Lord to step into the middle of their situation and bring himself glory. Keep a journal of your prayers and watch what God does…

Devotion Questions

1:  What is intercession?

2:  In what ways did Jethro serve as an intercessor for Moses?

3:  The best thing we can do is pray. What are some people or situations you are aware of who need intercession? Spend some time alone and/or with your group to pray on their behalf.

Sermon Questions

1. Which verse(s) from this week's sermon spoke to you the most?

2:  Which point or teaching in the sermon impacted you the most?

3:  Why do you think this week's message is so important to you, our church and the body of Christ?