Join us as we take a closer look at Moses' journey to find practical steps we can apply to our own lives.


This Week's Devotion

Exodus 3:3-4 “And Moses said, ‘I will turn aside to see this great sight, why the bush is not burned.’ When the Lord saw that he turned aside to see, God called to him out of the bush, ‘Moses, Moses!’ And he said, ‘Here I am.’"

Back in 1984 (I know...that was a long time ago) I rode my Trek Touring bicycle across the country. I had just quit as a Young Life Area Director and had the summer off before I was to start at Denver Seminary. Some friends asked me to join them on this epic journey and I thought...why not?!

But the back story is I just left YL a broken and defeated man. By all definitions I left a failure. The ministry was on a rapid decline before I got there and, in spite of all my efforts, we couldn’t bring it back to health. Not only did I leave defeated but my faith in God was shaken. Have you ever asked the question, “Where are you, Lord?” Or have you ever wondered why your prayers didn’t seem to be answered? Been there, done that. So why not escape on the seat of a bicycle?

Ever been on a bike tour? You spend hours peddling alone in your thoughts–hours! In a similar vein I imagine as Moses was tending Jethro’s sheep he was alone in his thoughts for hours on end. No music, no social networking, no TV, no emails, no meetings or deadlines to meet. But in the stillness and solitude God came to Moses and got his attention through a burning bush.

Has God been trying to get your attention? Make note that Moses “turned aside” to respond. He stopped and began to ask the right question…“Why is the bush burning yet isn’t being consumed?” Only after Moses stopped what he was doing and turned aside did God speak to him. I often wonder what it takes for God to speak to us? How do we hear his voice? But the better question for me is how do I turn off the noise? How do I escape the rat race of life so I can stop and notice the burning bushes God places in my path?

In the hours and hours of pedaling across the US, God began the process of reshaping me and was preparing me for a new direction in my life and ministry. In the brokenness of Moses’ time in the desert of Midian, God met him and gave him a new purpose and calling–to lead the Hebrew people out of captivity. Take some time to stop, notice the burning bushes around you and say, “Lord, Here I am…” He will then begin to speak to you through reading His Word; through resting in his presence in solitude; through worship or a message at church; through a friend in discipleship; or through your cell group family. Turn aside today.

Devotion Questions

1:  What is the importance of God calling out only when Moses “turned aside” to view the burning bush?

2:  Read Exodus 2:23-25. How did God answer the cries of His people?

3:  Think back on a time when you cried out to God. How did He respond to your cries and how did that impact your life?

Sermon Questions

1. Which verse(s) from this week's sermon spoke to you the most?

2. Which point or teaching in the sermon impacted you the most?

3. Why do you think this week's message is so important to you, our church and the body of Christ?