A fundamental component of Canyon View Vineyard Church is our contributions to missions. It is our firm conviction that the biblical practice of tithing is essential to the continued blessing of God in our midst.

Therefore, in addition to tithing as individual believers, as the representation of God’s family, we also make sure that 10% of our corporate church budget goes to ministries and missions outside of our own organization.

As we strive to represent Jesus within our own community, we acknowledge that the Gospel must be proclaimed throughout the entire world. For this reason, we contribute monthly support to numerous international, national and local missionaries and ministries.

Canyon View Church is committed to missions and allocates 10% of our annual income back into the mission field.


Missions Pastor: Kim Coquoz 

Watch the video above for a brief overview of CVVC Missions

Mission Board Volunteer Application

We are a church committed to reach the unreached locally and globally.  Our desire is to have a Mission Board that loves missionaries and are Kingdom builders.

The CVVC Missions Advisory Board is a group of mission-minded believers who are passionate about serving selected Missionaries and other Christian workers around the globe and even right here in Grand Junction.  In addition to serving those workers, we look for opportunities to promote mission awareness and involvement in the Canyon View Congregation.  

We are currently recruiting active board members.  The description of responsibilities is as follows:

* Attend quarterly mission meetings
* Give input to mission disbursements
* Meet/ host missionaries when they are in town
* Keep updated on missionaries by reading newsletters and websites
* Connect with missionaries
* Help keep the mission corner up to date
* Volunteer for events sponsored by the Missions Ministry
* Assist with sign ups when needed
* Assist with researching, planning and organizing mission trips and training
* Give input/ dream about what missions could be and then volunteer to help make that happen
* Gather teams to pray before and after missions or outreach trips
* Orchestrate trip follow up when mission teams return
* Other duties as assigned