When what's concealed has the power to heal.


This Week's Devotion & Questions

Someone has to take the first step. Someone has to be the first to apologize, to reach out, to do something for the other. I think it’s human nature to want the other person to have to move first. To think that this time, this argument, this screw-up is the one where they’re just going to have to be the one to apologize and try and fix things. I recall a conversation with a friend where I said something along the lines of, “No. He is going to have to… before I…” I don’t even remember the context because it’s undoubtedly something I’ve said or thought a thousand times.

Of course, this isn’t how we’re called to behave. To respect our husbands is to be the first to reach out. To love your wives is to be the first to apologize. We should be falling over each other to correct our wrongs, to smooth over our rough patches. God didn’t wait for humanity to prostrate ourselves before Him before enacting His grand plan to save us. In sending Jesus to bridge the gap created by our sin, He took the first step toward reconciliation. This should be mirrored in our marriages and family relationships. It’s not about being right or wrong. It’s about reflecting God to those who are watching us. And to one another.

  1. Read Ephesians 5:22-33. How are we called to act toward one another?

  2. What are the 3 things men and women need–what do they really mean?

  3. How does what marriage means to you differ from what marriage means to God?


The class mentioned during the sermon will be a 6 week study that we will go through at The Movement, Wednesday nights at 6:30 pm in the Chapel.

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