The Gospel of John Series 

A 4 part journey through the writings of John the Apostle

The Story of Jesus told through the eye of...

"Jesus who is infinite and not bound by time and space, spoke and all creation came into existence. The pinnacle of his creation was and me. Before it all began, Jesus made a choice, a decision to take on human form and come to earth. He became just like one of us. The mighty creator chose to be limited by time and space and susceptible to the ravages of sin - suffering and death. Initiated by love, he came to rescue and save humanity."

Through this series we will be look each week at three different perspectives of how Jesus disciples, the religious leaders and unbelievers view Jesus and how that can help challenge and shape us as we continue our walk with Jesus. The series will be broken up into 4 sections and will continue into the Fall of 2017.


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