So, What do I do now?

Step one: Pizza!

So you're planning on attending service at Canyon View, or maybe you already have! You've done the due diligence of checking us out online, on Facebook, Instagram, etc. and we haven't scared you off...great! (We're not scary...promise!) So now you're wondering, what's next? Well, at Canyon View, we like to keep things simple. We don't have a huge process where we send people to your house, or we make you sign a commitment (although we may ask who your favorite football team is). For us, we simply want to invite you to eat some pizza with us. That's the first step. Hang out with our Senior Pastor Kirk Yamaguchi, let him show you around our campus, and munch on some free pizza while he briefly tells you what he loves about our church. The Pizza Party happens the first Sunday of every month after the 9am and 11am services. If you would like to attend the next Pizza Party, simply check out our Events page for dates and details. 


Step two: Gateway Class

After that, if you are ready to continue your journey with us, we invite you to attend our Gateway Class. Gateway is offered over a two week period, and happens every third and fourth Wednesday of the month. In Gateway, you'll learn more about our vision here at Canyon View as well as Vineyard USA and how we fit in the global church. Gateway is held here at the church at 7 pm and childcare is provided! If you're ready and interested in attending our Gateway Class, visit the Events Page and sign up!


Step 3: Incubator Cell Group

We believe that a believer's life is lived best in community. Together is how we like to journey! The vehicle we use to facilitate community and gospel multiplication is Cell Groups. Cell Groups are simply a small group of people who gather together weekly and live life together, while always focusing on spreading the love of God and the gospel to people who need to hear it. We also know, it can be a big step to go from our Gateway Class right into committing to a Cell Group so we offer our Incubator Cell groups as the next step after Gateway. Here you can learn the vision and value of the Cell Group model as well as ask questions, learn even more about our vision and values and be ready to change the world for His glory!


Step 4: Discipleship

So by now, you've got a pretty good idea of who we are as a church, where you fit and how to make a difference in your family, work, community and church for the Kingdom. So now what? Well the next step is a big one and can take the rest of your life. It's called being a disciple of Jesus. It's a calling. It's a commitment. It's a lifestyle. And its the most important thing Jesus asks us to do. To follow Him.  To help us all do this, we encourage all our members to be actively involved in Cell Groups and one on one discipleship.