Easter Series: Hope

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There are three kinds of hope:

The hope we thought we needed.

The hope we thought we had.

And the hope that’s been waiting for us the whole time.


Last week's Devotion & Questions: Hope Alive

We all have expectations that are completely reasonable. We expect to get married, own a home, have kids and work somewhere our talents are appreciated. But sometimes we come up against roadblocks. We realized things are not going to go the way we planned. This can be surprising, obnoxious, frightening or completely devastating and can often leave us reeling with questions: What did I do wrong? Why are we being punished? Is God even there?

It can be tempting to let ourselves be consumed by what we feel we’ve lost in the world, putting our energy into heartache instead of hope. There’s a certain comfort in mourning the loss of the expected. But if we stay there, hemmed in by heartache, we’ll probably miss what God has for us. Hope comes alive when we allow God’s Plan to supersede our expectations. God never promised us that this world would be free from strife. He simply promised that in spite of the roadblocks we’ll encounter, if we love Him we can trust that He will work all things for our good. (Romans 8:28, paraphrased)

Q1: What does the Resurrection mean to you?

Q2: What’s the difference between a false hope in Jesus and a real hope in Jesus?
Q3: Take some time to recall your last week and estimate how much of your focus was on worldly things compared to heavenly ones. What are some ways you can be purposeful in the coming week to increase your focus on heavenly things?