Easter Series: Hope

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There are three kinds of hope:

The hope we thought we needed.

The hope we thought we had.

And the hope that’s been waiting for us the whole time.


This week's Devotion & Questions:Hope Awakened

There is tension between our expectations and reality. Sometimes our expectations are bigger than reality–like my husband’s expectations of college. He grew up in the era of great college comedies and thought he knew what to expect when he headed to Mesa State. Once he arrived, his grand ideas of lifelong friends and constant parties were dismantled into a more realistic picture of classes and goofy roommates and lots of late nights spent actually studying.

Sometimes our expectations are too small. My sister told me she always thought her mom friends were being sappy when they said they didn’t think they could love their kids as much as they did once they were born. Now she’s the sappy one, in love with a red-headed toddler.

And occasionally our expectations are just off the mark. Like Jesus. The Jews were expecting a warrior King, someone who would free Israel from Rome’s control. But Jesus didn’t come to fulfill their expectations. He came to fulfill God’s purpose. What the Jews expected was too big, too small and a little off the mark–no one anticipated what Jesus really came to do. Even Jesus’ disciples only understood the full breadth of what their Messiah accomplished after He was risen.

Q1: What was the significance of Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey?

Q2: Compare and contrast the kind of Messiah the Jews were hoping for and the kind of Messiah Jesus came (at that time) to be. How did Jesus handle this tension between what was expected and what He came to achieve?

Q3: How have you hoped for something only for it to come in a different package than expected?