At Canyon View, Missional Cell Groups invite people to take their 'next steps' toward Jesus, together.

Cell Groups are the primary vehicle for discipleship.  Being in a cell group will provide everyone opportunity to move into discipleship relationships, and the experience of living more missionally.

A cell group is comprised of living out an 8-step model, meeting weekly in a leader's home, or neutral location.  The key elements are the 'open chair', where the group commits to inclusion and invitation of others.  The other is the sermon based follow up that brings opportunity for a richer appreciation of the previous weekend's sermon, and the real life application of God's word to our lives as Christ followers.  

This discipleship model is not a classroom/pew sitting style of learning, but a relationship based model where people are raised up by "alongsiders".  These are people who come alongside others and focus 1x1 with other cell members so they can be a 'world changer'; dealing with one's obstacles to growth in life.  The goal is to help people move into God's purposes for their lives.

Missional Cell Groups are growing in number at Canyon View.  We encourage and anticipate all those coming to the church will be invited to 'get into the game'.  With easy access and a simple methodology, cell groups are your next choice for spiritual growth and development.  

Click HERE to download the Canyon View Discipleship Booklet.



Join us in experiencing and expressing God’s love in cell group community! Each cell group comes together to provide encouragement, support, fellowship, community and spiritual growth. It is a place to relate, grow, serve and belong. Be part of the team that provides support to our group community! Learn More


To contact our Groups Staff, call the church at 970-242-7970 and ask for Marty Estes (Groups Admin) or Kim Coquoz (Groups Pastor, or email them by clicking the links on their names.