Did you know that bulls actually don’t mind the color red? They are just super mad at the matador. Go figure. 

Did you know that Napoleon Bonaparte was actually considered tall for his time in history? I mean he was still 5 foot 7, but…. 

Or Christmas. Did you know Jesus was NOT born on December 25th?  

Or that there is nowhere in scripture that points you to name something you want and claim it as your own, and God will make it happen.

So many times we just assume because someone said it, it has to be true. Even in our faith journey, there’s things we believe God said that he simply did not. As the church, we must seek out what God says and what that means for our everyday lives. Sometimes, we just have to go back to the drawing board.


This Week's Devotion & Questions

Have you ever thought about what you’re really looking at when you scroll through your Instagram or Facebook feed? People post pictures of their kids, their vacations, their meals, their really cute pets... They update you on how sweet their spouse is and that adorable thing their really cute pet did yesterday. When I scroll through my feed I’m tempted to think my friends live perfect lives because they only post the good stuff. But what I’m really seeing is an artificial facade.

Sometimes that’s all my faith is, too. A facade. I post scriptures up and down Facebook, I tell Sally, Moe and Joe I’ll pray for them (and often forget that promise...whoops), I smile at transients, wave at police officers and I volunteer at the church and a dog shelter. But there are a ton of other things God has asked me to do that I’ve said nuh-uh to. They’re too deep, too time-consuming, too-uncomfortable...

James says that faith without works is dead, useless. It’s a facade. He says, “Show me your faith apart from your works, and I will show you my faith by my works.” Instead of a Facebook feed of faith highlights, my life should look more like a three-part documentary of a Jesus follower. Full of faith that is acted out in obedience and love for the Father, vivid and three-dimensional.

Q1: What is the difference between “Faith Works” and “Faith Inspire Works”?

Q2: How does Pastor Kirk describe the interplay between faith and works?

Q3: What are two steps you could take this week to ignite your faith a little more?